Where to Get Your IRS Tax Forms

To get your hands on IRS tax forms, you can download them directly from the IRS.  If you don’t have internet in your home you can also go to a public library and sign up for some internet time and download the IRS forms there.

If you can’t get to a library then here are some other ways to get get IRS tax forms:

  1. Order them and get them in the US mail
  2. get them from your employer
  3. get them on DVD ($30 charge)

If you choose to get your IRS tax forms directly from their website, you can use the search function.  There are PDF forms and also instructions to go with them.  There are also available previous years’ IRS tax forms there as well.

The IRS tax forms page is great because you can also browse the forms by topic.  It’s easy to use.  For example, after entering the word moving into the search box, the site gave a list that included these related topics:

  • reporting moving expenses
  • allocation of moving expenses
  • deductible moving expenses
  • Form 3903- Moving Expenses

Very handy, since searching for the right IRS tax form can be like guesswork since usually we don’t know the form number.  The IRS moving expenses info is included in Publication 521 and the actual form is IRS tax form 3903.  Who would know to search on Form 3903?  Now thanks to the new search feature, it’s all very easy.